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      Thursday, November 8, 2007

Problem: Can't print selected text from Outlook

Diagnosis: Outlook 2007 handles text and printing differently. Outlook 2003 worked with IE (in the background) to print. Outook 2007 doesn't. Many people are complaining about this, and I don't blame them. Maybe it will be fixed in a service pack.

Solution: Open up the email so it has it's own window. From the Other Actions dropdown menu, choose View in Browser. When the new window opens, select the text you want to print and choose Print. Click "Selection" on the Printing screen. Since IE allows "selected text printing," this is the workaround.


Problem: Can't "Save-As" Wordperfect in Word 2007

Diagnosis: This feature doesn't exist in Word 2007. There is no add-in to allow that functionality.

Solution: There are plenty of formats that WordPerfect 12 can open, and Word 2007 can save in many of them. Even saving in Word 2000 format will allow WordPerfect to open it. The "Save-as Wordperfect" in Word 2003 saved documents as Wordperfect 5.x and 6.x files, not a later version, so that wasn't a direct format conversion anyway. There's no real difference between saving files as WP 5x files and saving them as Word 2003 files. Both will open with WP12 in much the same way.

To make Word 2007 save all documents in the Word 97-2003 format that WordPerfect can easily read, do the following in Word 2007:
1) Click the Office button
2) Click Word Options at the bottom of the dropdown
3) Open the Save options
4) Beside "Save Files in this Format," select Word 97-2003
5) Click OK


Problem: Can't insert hyperlinks to files on Share in an Outlook 2007 email.

Diagnosis: You're right. The option doesn't seem to exist in the same way, even though it exists in Outlook Web Access 2007. Seems to be somebody's half-baked idea of a security feature.

1) Open the folder that has the file in it. Right click the file and drag it into the body of the email. When you let go of the mouse button, choose "Create hyperlink here" and it will build a file link for you. This is the easiest solution.

2) The links can also be created manually by typing file://F:\clients\1531\Agreement.wpd. If you copy the file path from explorer, all you need to type is "file://" and then paste the rest. If there is a space in the file path, you have to put the whole thing in brackets, like

<file//c:\program files\outlook\install.doc>
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