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  Trouble with reporting services during DPM installation
      Saturday, January 31, 2009

If you're installing Data Protection Manager and you keep running into issues at the point that it tries to install SQL Reporting Services, you are probably dealing with a certificate error. You can't have a public cert installed in IIS, you need the simple kind that maps to the local NetBIOS name.

If you check the logs, you'll have something like this near the end of the log:

The remote certificate is invalid according to the validation procedure.

Chances are if you check the certs in this server's Personal store, there won't be a cert that matches the local server's NetBIOS name. There needs to be one. Check in the Trusted Root, and if there's one there, copy it into the Personal store. Make sure that the cert that matches your NetBIOS name is also the one that the Default Web Site is configured to use. But there may not be one there. That was the case for me tonight, and I figure that since it took me till 2am to find a solution, I'm sure as heck going to publish it.

Basically the next step if you don't have that cert is to request one from your local CA. But maybe you don't have a CA or you don't want to hassle with setting one up at 1am. What I did is this:

1. Go to my nearby Exchange 2007 server, open up the Exchange Management Shell, and (assuming your server's name is DPMSERVER1) do the following:

New-ExchangeCertificate -DomainName DPMSERVER1 -privatekeyexportable:$true

Then tell it "No" you don't want to overwrite the existing SMTP cert settings. This will generate a cert with your DPM server's NetBIOS name set as the Common Name.

2. Go into the cert MMC on the Exchange server and export this cert with the private key.

3. Copy the cert file over to your DPM server and import it into the Personal store there.

4. Then go into IIS and configure the Default Web Site to use that cert.

Now rerun setup AGAIN... Your installation should work if lacking the proper cert was your issue.
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