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  SBS 2008 Training Videos
      Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Earlier this year TrainSignal published a video training course that I had been working on for quite a while. Many late nights and weekends. You know how side projects are. The course consists of 17 hours of videos covering all the major aspects of configuring Small Business Server 2008.

I thought I would talk about it a little bit here, since I wrote it with the SMB consulting audience in mind.

I think that if I was looking for a course to take myself, I would want to know that it did two things: cover all the essentials and additionally give me some beyond-the-basics expertise to add value to my consulting. Beyond that, I would also want it to efficiently cover a given topic in a demo-driven way so that instead of having to plow through the whole course, I would be able to sit down for 45 minutes or so with a specific topic and walk away feeling more prepared to implement.

That’s pretty much what I have put together, and when you add up all the content, it covers a whole lot of ground, including segments covering SharePoint customization, certificates, WSUS, SBS 2003-2008 migrations, Exchange disaster recovery and much more.

TrainSignal typically sells scenario-driven courses, so there is usually a fictitious company with fictitious characters whose needs the course is built around, and as part of the course, we field management requests from our "client" and translate them into technological solutions. In this course we are working for Mal Falconi, who runs KingFish Private Investigations, and she wants to set up a solution that maximizes her decentralized office strategy. Many videos begin with a description of a "business need" and we move on to craft and implement a solution that meets that need. I had a lot of fun building the course.

Check out a sample of the course here:
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